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Architecture & Interior Design Photography

A collaboration between artists.

Whether a small remodel or a large commercial build, you want a photographer who will help convey the story of your space. One of the great joys of Architecture & Design Photography is the collaboration between myself and the architect, interior designer, landscape designer, builder, craftswomen and men…artists, working together to tell that story. Before even a single photograph is taken, I look forward to meeting with you and discussing this built environment that you have created.
Technique is dependent on the condition I am working in. I am not of the belief that I have to flood every frame with artificial light. Strobes are used to enhance the natural light when needed. I think that many are surprised to see how much can be accomplished this way. Post-production is also light-handed, but again, dependent on the conditions. Sometimes a photograph is achieved “in-camera”, other times I may blend several frames together to arrive at the final shot.
Bookings are available for half day, full day and multiple days. My creative fee is priced according to my time and not per photograph. When we discuss your assignment, I will have a clearer picture of how much time is needed. Small bathroom remodels may take half a day, while photographing a newly-constructed cabin in the mountains may take multiple days. The final files are delivered in the size and format that you request and are digitally downloaded unless we arrange otherwise.
For image purchase or usage, please send a message through the contact page.